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2 In 1 Electric Wine Aerator & Decanter

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2 In 1 Electric Wine Aerator & Decanter

🍾 Smart Wine Dispenser 🍾

👉Restoring the aroma and taste of wine-the electric wine water dispenser can speed up the de-analysis process of the wine, make the wine and the air completely contact and fuse, so that the aroma of the wine is fully volatilized, thus showing the true taste and aroma of the wine in a short time.

👉One Click Wine Aerator (Battery Powered) -Our electric wine aerator and dispenser are powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included), which can pour and dispense more than 30 bottles of wine without frequent replacement. The cordless design will make you use this wine dispenser very easily. One-button operation-automatic inflator pouring spout is very easy to operate, you can easily open/close to control the aeration, and press the button to dispense the wine immediately. Without any complicated steps, the operation can be simplified so that you can quickly taste the desired flavor.

👉Food Grade Materials-Our electric wine decanter is made of food grade materials (ABS + acrylic + food grade silicone), which will not chemically with harmless and wines, while also ensuring the quality of this aerated wine Please feel free to use it for durability

👉Splash-Proof and Leak-Proof-this wine dispenser adopts advanced leak-proof design and has good sealing performance. When pouring the spout, it does not leak or splash, which can effectively avoid overflow and waste, and avoid contact with other substances in the air that may cause wine deterioration.

👉Theory of Using :The decanter is to help us speed up the oxidation process of red wine and oxygen, reduce our waiting time, and is very suitable for festival and family party. Before using, need to open the switch of aerator switching valve, so that the red wine extracted is oxidized.

👉Safe Material :Made of food grade silicone ,the --plastic hoses that contact with wine are harmless to our body, so you can use them with confidence.

👉Simple Operation and Self Cleaning :Just insert into the wine spout pourer, press the button on the top, then perfectly aerated wine will be straightly delivered to your glass. When you’re finished, simply rinse the quick aerating combo by dispensing 3 bottles of water.

👉Lightweight and Portable :This pocket wine tap machine is light-weight and small-size for effortless carrying. Ideal wine accessories for home use, party, picnic, or celebrations such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, housewarming.

👉A Great Gift :This wine lover gift fits perfectly in your purse, bag or drawer. Make it as a perfect Christmas gift, office Secret Santa Gift, or White Elephant Gift for your friends or family members.


1.Install the catheter on the silicone plug at the bottom of the wine separator and stretch the catheter to the appropriate length

2.Put the wine separator tightly on the mouth of the wine bottle, and then place the red wine glass directly under the wine.

3.Press the top button lightly, the liquor will flow through the wine outlet and evenly flow into the cup

4.If you do not need to hangover, if you do not need to hangover, close the hangover valve to block the air hole

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